Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Music & Books

For as long as I can remember, Music has been a big part of my life and from an early age I have loved listening to music. Books on the other hand, not so much. Where Music was 
ConcernedI remember my mother playing, old Vinyl records on the big bulky record player as she listened to Simon & Garfunkel's -Bridge Over Troubled Water LP, and bop us girls on the heads with a rolled up magazine as she sang along to the song. 'The Boxer', then have us rock & roll to The oldies BobbyVee Billy Fury.
Now my dad, who was more laid back and quieter in personality would listen to
Now I still love to listen to the classic's and have my favorites from the mentioned artists above. listen to quite the range of music genre's. So come join me as I, listen and write about all the different music I listen to, and maybe take you back to a fond memory, or even To enlighten you on some genres you have never heard of.

With that in mind my first review is of a classic:

Simon & Garfunkel's – Bridge over Troubled Water.

First Released in January 1970, it was their last amalgamation as a partnership together.
Classed as folk rock, it has quite the array of fast paced, and slower melodies.
These are some of my favorite tracks:

Cecilia, The Boxer, Keep the customer satisfied, Sound of Silence
And Of course, Bridge over Troubled Water.
All in all I really like this album, it has many fond memories and I give it 5 stars.

Books, had never been an importance in my early life. I never had that much time to sit and read, and I only read the books I had toso I could write my book reports at school. So fast forward to today, now; I LOVE TO READ! To Indulge myself in the complex twists 'n' turns, awe-inspiring, Heartbreaking, to a Touching Romantic or even Deeper and Devious Vampire or Thriller Story.
have not kept count of how many books I have read, but I know it's close to 100.

 I wish sometimes time would stand still, especially when I'm reading a pivotal line or chapter, and my kids then decide they want to play, or dinner needs to get started, or something else takes up my time. 

I'd like for you to join me on this experience, as I delve into reading different genres and share my thoughts and feelings about what I have read, am reading and books I want to read.

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