Monday, January 27, 2014

Fast Food Or Home Cooking?

We all love the quick and easy, no brainer - 'Let's get, take out for dinner.'
I'm I right? - Of course. I can't even count how many take-out's I've gotten over the years, and how many more we most likely have.

But if there's one thing I do a lot of at home is, Home Cooking. 

There is nothing better or healthier than, cooking from scratch. We decide, what goes into our food and how it tastes. We choose if we want to spend a little extra to buy Organic, or not. We can choose, whether or not we want those extra chemicals and icky additives in our foods we make. It is such a relief knowing that, I / you can make the right choices. But when we go and get those yummy, takeout meals - we really don't know what truly goes into that food, do we?

I've read my fair share of books about additives, colorings, etc. And realized that the FDA are NOT doing us regular Joes any favors as to what they add to the run of the mill processed and fast foods.

I'm not saying, I'm never going to ever eat out or pick up a fast food on my way home from a long day out, but what we / I can do is making better decisions as to what fast foods we choose to pick up.

Take a look at this quick Video about, 

We all can do a little better in how we treat our bodies, as to what we put on it, and what we put in it.

Want to make that yummy soup pictured above, click on this link to see how I made this delicious 
Creamy Carrot & Rutabaga Soup - HERE


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