Saturday, January 25, 2014

How Would You Handle the label, 'The Ugliest Woman In the World.'

Lizzie Velasquez, Is an amazing Lady. She is living with a rare disease in which she has no Adipose Tissue - which means she has no fat on her body and is blind in one eye. Even though she deals with this every day, she also has to deal with, being labeled,'The ugliest Woman in the World.'

How we, as a race define how a person should be, by the way they look!

How many of us have seen some super skinny girl / boy and thought, "oh my, he/she must be anorexic, or a larger built person and thought, gosh they must only eat junk!!

We should never judge a book or a person by its cover out outer skin.

How many of us girls, have wanted to be super skinny and not have that extra inch or 4 around our belly?
Walking down the street, we may look at Lizzie Velasquez and think she is anorexic, but she isn't.

Watch how Lizzie Velasquez has become a motivational speaker and a published author! Lizzie has such a wonderful outlook on life and how 'we' should act and be towards each other.

She is an amazing lady, I know that beauty is not just what is on the outside - Beauty shines from within! and Lizzie has oodles of it :)

Check out Lizzie Velasquez Story - HERE

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