Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blanket Fun!

The other day, while I was baking cookies (as you do) the girls contentedly played in the living room.
When I turned around I saw Seren tucking a blanket around Carys on the sofa, then climbing up herself on the opposite side, then rather politely saying," Carys, it's night night time... go to sleep please."

Then Carys obliged by jokingly snoring!!

It was so sweet and for the next couple of hours... they both played with the blankets and Seren also pulls out her comforter and pillow off her bed and into the living room... to make a bed.

Curries' by then had moved on to doing her own thing... as she got a little fed up of Seren telling her to 'go to sleep' lol

Instead Carys decided that throwing all the dolls out of the stroller and onto the floor, then climbing in herself... was much more fun than pushing the dolls around in it.

I was happy I could snap up these happy moments... of Seren playing mother to Carys. :) And Carys wanting to be pushed around in the doll stroller.

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