Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bathroom Magazine / Toilet Paper Holder

With the weather still very cold here in Madison, WI. It has slowed down how much wood craft projects I can do outside, as I'd have to use the jigsaw inside - ugh... Kicks up too much sawdust!!! But hey, what's a girl to do? I'm on book 5 of the series 'The Mortal Instrument's - By Casandra Clare, and now I have to read slow as I have to wait for the release the final book in May.

I had to do something else with my time - so yep, I got out my measuring tape and put my brain into action.

First, I wanted to change up the magazine holder I made a while back and not to mention the fact that (My hubby kept banging his head and elbows on it!)

I took the old magazine holder down - see the original post HERE.
I will post the revamp of that older holder soon :)

Using the same idea as I used before, I set out to work. This time though I added some extra wood to hold the Toilet Paper holder, plus I still had the other half of the closet shutter door left from the last time.

First I measured and cut up wood to fit across the shutter. Then drilled the back piece of wood which will hold the whole thing onto the wall. I used the original holes, that were for the towel rail.

I added a bottom back piece. Just screw into place

Here are the scraps of wood I cut using the jigsaw. You can see they are level with the edges.
I took a measurement of where I wanted the toilet holder to go (I sat on the loo - lid down :) That way I knew where the first slat of wood would go. Then place the wood pieces on to how you like them to look and simply take some wood screws and screw them into place.

Now remember from my old post when I made the other magazine holder and we took out every other  wood slat. I said keep them, as you may never know when they will come in handy!!

Well, they will :) I used my left over wood slats and used Liquid nails to stick them onto the fixed slats on the shutter.

Apply the liquid nails

Add the wood slat. Giving it a little wiggle to move the glue around.

You can see where the added wood slats are. I used 15 in total.

Now, as it was drying, I changed my mind and decided to remove every other wood slat, like in my other holder. You can see here the gaps left from the removed wood slats.

Using Elmer's wood filler, I filled the gaps 

Used some regular clothes pegs to hold wood slats together while everything dried.
Once dried, it was time to paint. I used Krylon Primer and Paint and gave it a light coat. Letting it dry completely.

I picked up these mismatched color toilet holders from Habitat Restore for $2, and I gave them a couple of coats of Flat Black Krylon's Primer & Paint.

Then, I used all my left over white, lemon icing and cream paint. Mixed them up and off I went. 

Once completely dry, I  marked on the top added a piece of wood, where the toilet paper holder was to go. 
Then at the top of the magazine / toilet holder, I attached some hooks and knobs.

Then taking some sandpaper, I rubbed the edges to make it look distressed.

Now it was time to antique it. I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze. Taking a clean ear bud :), dip into the glaze and apply to the parts you have sanded down.

Working quickly, take a dry rag and wipe off the excess glaze.

Then, using the same technique finish glazing I finished my project.

Add some magazines and the toilet paper holder and Viola! 

My New Bathroom Magazine / Toilet Paper Holder

The Chalk Art picture above, see how I made that HERE.
( All I have done this time was given a coat of Krylon's Cherry Red from Walmart and used a little petroleum jelly applied before onto the picture frame, then sprayed with the paint. Once dried, wipe off the petroleum jelly with a cloth and now you have a new/old picture chalk art picture frame)


  1. WOW woman of endless talents! This is awesome. I want one of these in my bathroom. lol

    1. Thank you! Although I am running out of space in our cozy but small student family housing :( So I will most likely be revamping most of my stuff. Oh and keep your eyes open for those 'finds' that you can turn into amazing home projects :)

  2. I love this -- the style, the simple elegance. It's really fantastic.

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    1. Thank you for leaving a comment :) It is much appreciated.


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