Friday, January 17, 2014

How Do We See Ourselves?

The month of January is half way over, but the SNOW doesn't seem to want to stop snowing! 
Which leaves me few options on what to do or even what can I do, as it's too cold outside to get my jigsaw and sander out -- boohoo :(

So with my wood crafts taking a small backseat until I get a little warmer day, I have been reading books, and some 'UP' lifting video articles.

With that in mind, I'd like to share a few of my favorite articles/video with you, One from the Blog, 'we seek joy' and the other from 

We Seek Joy, Blog Article.

How do we see ourselves? In her post, N'tima  blogs about her body after the birth of her little one - titled 'Babies ruin our Bodies.

It's quite the read and an eye opener. I know from experience, that yes - having babies ruin's our once taught, no flabby, grand canyon stretch marks on your belly, legs and boobs!! Or that once you've delivered your little bundle of joy, about 3 months in your taking a shower and handfuls of hair comes away in your hand after rinsing the shampoo out!! Then you start to wonder... What's wrong with you and why is your hair falling out? We ladies have to deal with so many HORMONES, before, during and after having a baby, as well as having our boob's feel they are fit to burst when your milk come in or if you're like me - get mastitis :( which I had too many times to recall.)

Is is worth it -- Well of course it is :) And if you read this article by N'tima, she is quite a brave young mother to post a picture of her tummy and the stretch marks!!! I wouldn't be so brave, let me tell you... Ugh, no -one wants to see my grand canyon stretch marks Lol

Plus size Model

The second is an interview with Robyn Lawley on The Ellen Show on how she LOVES her body and that being a plus size model is great!! 

It's fabulous to know that there are young ladies, mothers, models who are not a size -0 or a 0 speaking up for us ladies who no longer have a body of a 12 year old, and more of the womanly, motherly curves :) GO ROBYN!!!

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