Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shea Moisture

Is a Brand that makes wonderful products, that I love using.

And what's more, they have NO BAD chemicals, SLS' etc. 
Making it a product, I know my little girls can use without the worry of what's going on and absorbed into their bodies.

I stumbled upon them, last summer when I had to find a nicer smelling baby shampoo & body wash for our very super sensitive skinned Carys. I was making and using my own Shea Body Butter for Carys to use as well as myself :) 
 click HERE for link to that post

Since then myself and my girls only use this brand called Shea Moisture.

You can find the array of Mens, Womens & Baby Products

Give these luxurious products a try.
Believe me you'll not regret it :)


  1. I love the way our girl's hair smells after you use this on them..


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