Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mason Jars - Rustic Industrial Hanging Tea Lights

After I spying, the new Ball Park Vintage Mason Jars, at Target, for $8.99 for 6, I knew I just had to buy them.

The beautiful hue of the blue, is such a pretty color, I knew they would make cute hanging mason jar tea light holders and knew just the right spot to hang my mason jars from.

So can you see the ugly fluorescent lighting on the left and then a gap underneath next to it.
This is the spot wanted to  utilize and make somewhat nicer to look at as well as having softer lighting for, when Jason and I have dinner dates at home (if and when, our Lil tinkers allow, lol)

After a week of trying to figure out 'how' I was going to hang these mason jars to the underside of the cupboards, without wrecking the wood ( again with student housing and not making too many holes) I set to work and hoped it would turn out how I had envisioned it in my head.

 I used 3 vintage blue mason jars and then 2 clear mason jars.
I rummaged around in my dwindling wood pile ( I'm going to have to restock this soon) for wood that would be long enough to fit the width of the underside.

I had some pine wood that would do the trick, so I measured and used a wood saw to make my cuts to make 3 pieces all the same length.

Then using smaller pieces of scrap wood to make my cross pieces. I wasn't worried about the shape of the cross pieces, as you wouldn't be able to see them.

Pre drill your holes.

Screw together using wood screws.

Flip the wood , so you have the right side facing up. Lay out your jars on top.

Mark where you want the jars to go.

Then pre drill  holes.

For the next step, all I did was to stain the wood a walnut  color. 

While I waited for the wood to dry, I made my wire loops from 2mm silver craft wire, which is where I'll hang the chain from.

I cut 6 pieces of wire and bent them in half.

Then I poked the wire through the wood. You can see the wood stain color now.

Once poked through, using pliers, you bend and twist the wire so it sits on the wood.

Push down on the wire twists, then using glue gun, glue in place.

Next I hung the wood base to the underside of the kitchen cupboards. I'd pre marked where the wood ended, then screwed up into the cupboards.

Using some of  my silver 2mm craft wire, I made an 'S' shape then curled the ends.

Next was to take my craft wire and wrap around the jars and make loops to hang the twine from.
Cut a long piece of wire, and in the middle of it make a loop and twist.

Put the loop wire on the side of the jar under the lip, pull the remaining wire around and twist to make your second loop.

Do the same process on all of your jars.

To hide the wire, I used some twine and wrapped it around the wire.

I added a tea light, and some glass pebbles.

Then taking some twine, I strung it through the wire loops.

Now take the s wire loops you made earlier and hang them from the main wood wire loops.
Then taking you mason jars hang them up from the 'S' loops. 

Mason Jar - Hanging tea light holders.

I must say, how much I like how it turned out!! It gives off just enough light for the romantic dinner dates, Jason and I will hopefully start having.
I lit the candles for the pictures, then realized my mistake!

Twine and a flame don't mix well. LOL

So I switched the twine for metal chain. To be safe!

Now it's mixture of rustic and industrial chicness !

How it looks from the underside!!

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