Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthdays & Being Thankful

Do you love your birthday or feel like it's just another day?

Well My birthday was yesterday ---Woooohoo...yes,
Not really. I feel at now at the ripe age of 43...UGH ( although I still have no gray hairs- that I can say yippee to)

Having many, many sleepless nights of late, bless my little tinkers, Seren & Carys are ill at the same time 

Lets say having slept on the sofa with Carys again, as she had a temperature and coughing all night long, I wasn't in the best of moods waking up, plus it being 'that time of month' when we ladies, transform from being harmonious - to something we don't recognize lol, so, I found it hard to enjoy 'My Birthday.'

Is it just another day? 
Do we expect a huge birthday surprise? 
Do we expect anything at all?
 Do we expect Chocolate, even if you say you didn't want any - OH HECK YES on THAT ONE!

As I get older, I feel like it's just another day, but deep inside I want to be whisked away on a fabulous birthday surprise (which for my sister-in-law's 30th b-day she went away for a couple days with friends - than her hubby met her at the airport, then took her to NEW YORK !!) 

Now that's what I call a birthday. Not that we expect that every year - now that would be silly.
 But sometimes, we ladies, just want a somewhat not perfect birthday, but one in which we didn't have to drop hints of what we want, or feeling like like UGH PUG  all day!

I know with my girls being sick, there wasn't much we could do. Jason, did come home early from college, wrapped the girls up and went out to let the girls choose a birthday cake. Asked what I wanted for dinner, my reply was to just get frozen pizza. I honestly didn't want to bother. A shame I know. 

What did I get - well a couple of weeks ago, I did buy myself a pair of boots on sale from Target.
My dad, is sending 50 British pounds to me ( bless him , I miss him so much)
I did have a beautiful bouquet of flowers and balloons from my father-in-law, Randy & mother-in-law, Charliss.
A bunch of flowers, and a small bag of chocolates ( which the girls devoured) from a friend at my church.
A lovely Skype call with my sister, which she made me laugh :)
Call from my Son & Daughter in Utah.
Email from my daughter in Wales.
Message from my bro-in-law Mark ( who also shares the same birthday as me)
Email from a friend, June at church
Text from my friend Jessica at church.
(Thank you for remembering)

I must say, I was determined to 'Not' enjoy my birthday. I most definitely had the wrong frame of mind. Even I forget birthdays sometimes, and I feel terrible, because no-one wants to be forgotten on their special day, their Birthday.

But what I must say, is that I am THANKFUL to my hubby, Jason for taking the girls for that hour, washing the dishes after dinner. My darling Seren, who chose the extremely bright pink frosted birthday cake, and the matching neon candles and singing with a smiling face - Happy Birthday and insisting I sing along too!! LOL..
And Jason, not giving up on me & eventually cracking my stubborn shell and making me laugh!!

Laughter is the best medicine - that is what I needed last night.

So to finish, I just wanted to give thanks for my loved ones who, stick with me and make me laugh, give hugs when I need them.
And  a hubby who loves me, and who bought me a much needed winter North face coat for the really cold winters here. 

Birthdays we should remember our mothers, who spent many hours, pushing and being completely worn out after giving birth to us. That wonderful moment when they held me/you in their arms for the very first time. This is something we should maybe remember about our birthdays, I know I will from now on. Thank you mam & dad for bringing me into your family, mam for the hard labor you endured, and I do and did miss you singing, Happy Birthday to me on my special day. ( I miss you mom- I pray you were signing up in Heaven)


So to those who share a birthday the same days as me
November 20th

Happy Belated Birthday 

Here are some people who share the same birthday as me.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday a little bit my darling ;)


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