Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a Sweet Surprise

Jason came home the other day with a
 Sweet Surprise...


And not just any doughnuts. When I was a young girl living in Llanelli, when we'd go to town with my mother, we would always stop at the Bakery and have a sweet treat. There were quite a few I loved ( my sweet tooth is still with me) I loved Jam Doughnuts. When you bite into the warm dough, you would get a surprise of strawberry jam, bursting in your mouth...Mmm so yummy.

Now fast forward many years later.. And living in the USA... I love the typical ringed doughnuts you can get.. Especially Krispie Kreme.  But I sometimes, I just wanted was the Sugar Coated, Jam filled doughnuts. And whenever I went to travel home.. I would always get Jam doughnuts.

So to  my surprise, when Jason brought home some doughnuts for us and they weren't the usual ring doughnuts, but at a type of doughnut I'd not seen before, 4 circles stuck together to make 1, in which you can pull apart...

I tried one ...oh what a sweet surprise

They tasted just like the ones I grew up loving to eat as treats...gently costed in sugar and that yummy strawberry Jam middle....I was like OH MY where's you get these from. He'd got them from our local Copps grocery store. When I looked at the packaging...I saw what they are actually called here in the USA


Now I know, what called I will most certainly,  (now & again) have these yummy sweet treats :)

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