Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bathroom Magazine Holder & Shelf

Repurposed Closet Plantation Shutters


Bathroom Magazine Holder

Once again I found a bargain at a local repurpose store, a set of Cheap Plantation Closet Doorss for $15

Now I have to say, I did take pictures of the before & how I cut the one side of the shutter door into two, but somewhere and somehow...they got deleted ! Big oops! 
Anyways I do have all the other steps. I will just say what I did, and you can see from my pictures what I did.

Here is a copy of what my shutter door used to look like
What I did was unscrew the doors, so I had 1.
Next, where you see the part where the doorknob is, I made my cut just the other side of it. That way I had 1 full part if the shutter door.
On my doors they were a little rickety and the side parts of the wood  was easy to wiggle far from the bottom, allowing me to remove every other slat of wood.
(Save your left over slats for later)

When you remove the slats of wood, it will leave a gap in the edges. I used Wood filler to fill these. Let them dry then sand them off.

I have a pile of scrap wood, and I measured where my bathroom towel rail fixings were and marked them on to the spare wood, This will go on first and what I will fix to the wall, and the shutter door will be attached to.

Here you can see me placing the spare piece of wood under my door
I have already predrilled the holes, to where it will be fixed to the wall.

I predrill holes 

Then screw into the back piece of wood

In this  picture you can see the slats of wood which have been taken out

From the same repurpose store I found these shelf brackets, 4 for $2 !!

I sprayed them black and left to dry

Now to make the shelf that will sit on top of the shutter door.
I used scrap wood, which by chance were just the right size in length.
NOW THOSE LEFT OVER WOOD SLATS- I used mine for the cross pieces go under the shelf. I nailed them in.

Flip it over and now you have your shelf.

Once your brackets have dried, position them into place on the door, then screw them down.

Next put your shelf down and set the door with brackets on top.
Now, I made an oops! I forgot to account for the height of the slats underneath. 
So I slipped an extra piece of the slat under the bracket to make up the difference.

Screw the bracket down onto the shelf.

Here we go, all sturdy !!

I used Krylon Black Flat Primer & Paint.
 (I used the whole can) 

I used a mix of 1 part water & 2 part paint.
(Benjamin Moore Acadia White)

Start with the back side first.
Using a rag, apply. I did four wood slats at a time, once you applied the paint you go back & rub it off.

In this picture you can see the slats on the right, the paint has been wiped off.

Finish the whole door

Now for the next stage, using a foam applicator, I applied straight paint.
But NOT too thick.

In this picture you can see how much I used.

Then using your rag, wipe off the excess paint.

Back side done, now for the front.

I'll just post the pictures, I used the same technique as I did for the back.

I painted over the brackets too.

Once dried, I applied Minwax Paste Finishing Wax, apply and leave for twenty minutes, then Buff up

You can see the picture on the right, then sheen on the wood.

Now look at these cute door knobs I found at Hoby Lobby - on Sale !
$1.36 each.

I screwed these on under my shelf.

Next I attached the door to the wall.

On the bottom there was a gap, so using scrap wood I painted black, I slipped behind the door, and screwed into place.

Add your magazines!

This is what it looks like from the side, you cans see the magazines hanging down

Heres the finished project,

Bathroom Magazine Holder & Shelf

Here are those Door Knobs, don't they perfect, I love them!

I added an old key and a silver potpourri, I've had for 15 years.

Add some decorative, Bits'n'Bobs on your shelf.
The small glass jar is some of my homemade, Sugar/Salt Body Scrub
And a simple New Ball Vintage Mason Jar (Celebrating 100 yrs), I found at Target, for under $8.99 for 6. I have loved these Jars and wanted some...I wrapped with twine & added a couple of hydrangeas stems.  
And hang your very own Chalk Board Art above & your set.

And the next time you're visiting your bathroom, take a seat :)
and read some gossip or learn how to make a new recipe, or some History.

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  1. This looks even better in real life (vs the pictures). You did an incredible job on it.


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