Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chalkboard Picture Frame Art

 On the
 Chalkboard Art Train..... 

Are you?

After picking up a bundle of cheap wood picture frames from the local, Vincent De-Paul thrift store, I knew exactly what I would turn them into.

 Remove the back and clean.

Paint your glass from the frame with Chalkboard Paint, I used Walmart $8 a tin. Just remember to leave it dry for a good 4 hrs after the 1st coat, and when you give your frame the 2nd coat, paint it in the opposite direction. Once dried leave for a couple of days to dry out completely.

Once it's totally dry, you are going to condition/ghost it. That just means you have to prep it before you use. 
Take your chalk and rub it one way then the other. 

Then eraser it, well.

Here's a before & after pic for you to see the difference.

Next I sprayed the frame black, using Krylon paint and primer. Leave it dry

Then I used some left over paint, and gave it 2 coats.  Laving it dry in between each coat.

Then using a small amount of  Acadia white paint, using kitchen towel I quickly rubbed on the paint, then rubbed the excess off, leaving my frame to look like this- pic below

Once dried I distressed it using steel wool & fine grain sandpaper

Then put your chalkboard glass back into the frame, and re-use your backing and secure.

Next it was time to do some 

First I wrote out what I wanted, using simple stick of chalk.

Then using Bistro Chalk Markers I went over my outlines.



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