Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chalkboard Picture Frames - Trick or Treat

  BOO! YA...
 Chalkboard Picture frames are super easy to make.

I have a spot in our kitchen that was begging for...something. I had some picture frames, I found at the local thrift store St. Vincent de Paul for $1.50 each. What a sweet deal.

First I gave took the glass out from the back and washed it. Then gave it one coat of Chalkboard paint and let it dry for 4 hours before giving it a 2nd coat.

*TIP: when applying 2nd coat, do it in the opposite direction of the 1st coat.

Next I spray painted the frames with black 'Krylon Primer & Paint' in a can and let them dry. I only did one coat.

When the frames were dry, I used Ivory 'Krylon Primer & Paint' in a can, over the black and let that dry. Giving a total of two lighter coats.

When the frames were completely dry, I used steel wool, to distress the wood around the edges. ( Forgot pictures of this stage- but you can see how it looks in the finished picture)

After 3 days - allowing the chalk paint to dry completely, I conditioned it, by simply rubbing chalk all over the board and then erasing it. Then you're ready to do chalk art!

I love how mine turned out - and what's great about it, is all you do is simply wipe off & do more art for every holiday or a favorite quote.

I used a small screw at the top of the cabinet door and Command Velcro Strips for the bottom, enabling me to still open & close the door.

Here is how those boring, brown cabinet doors look like, now!!

Happy Halloween!

I found a design I liked, and then made it my own, with my own free hand,
 The Pumpkin I used Plain Chalk, the one on the right, I used Bistro Chalk Marker - from Hobby Lobby-Here


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