Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rustic Bathroom Wall Clock

Rustic, shabby chic Wall Clock,

Our bathroom in our little apartment, lacks uniqueness and practicality and a blank wall that was crying out for something.

So, when I spied wood crates on display at my local, 'Copps' store :)  I knew exactly, what I wanted to do with them. The 3 crates only cost $10! Yeah! They would work well with the wood, I already had to make the bathroom shelf. (That will follow in another post.)

Two of the crates are being used, for a Halloween display outside,  the third, I cut down and used the top half, to make a much needed bathroom shelf and a clock display.

First, I used a hack saw to cut the top half off.

 Then I used a pry bar to take it apart

I knocked out the side and pulled out any nails.
That gave me two longer pieces and two shorter ones. I still needed one longer piece, which I took from my wood stock pile. For the cross pieces I measured, marked & then used my jigsaw to make the cuts.

The top cross piece turned out to be a little shorter, but I didn't mind, I was going for a not perfect piece.

I predrilled holes and then screwed the wood into place.

  Next I mixed some paint, adding water to give it more of a wash. I wanted it to look like old wood, so using my art techniques, I set to work.

Using an old T-shirt cut up, I dipped it into the paint and worked applied the paint along the grain

Leave to dry completely.

I found these drawer handles at a thrift store for 50c each !!

I disassembled the clock

And gave it a coat of Matt Black 'Krylon Primer & Paint' & let it dry.

Next I painted over the blackish gray color with an ivory

Once the wood was dry, I used steel wool to distress it.

Screwed a D-Ring on the back to hang it up with.

Then attached those wonderful 50c handles & a screw for the clock to sit on.

Then here is the finished new Bathroom Wall Clock,

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