Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bathroom Shelf.

A Rustic, Shabby Chic Bathroom Shelf.

Our towel rail was plain and boring, and our bathroom had little appeal to it and needed some help. With being limited to what I can do, in our student housing..... I tried to work with what I had.

I had picked up some timber from our local 'Ace Hardware' store, with the intention to make an extra shelf to store our toothbrushes and the items we used the most.

I started by measuring how big, I wanted the shelf to be, and it had to be small enough to be able to close the bathroom door, without it getting in the way.

I measured the wood & made my cuts, Three equal lengths to make the sides & bottom, Then sanded down the edges, but not too much as I wanted it to look aged and weathered.

Here is the wood pieces, making sure they were the right fit.

Next I turned them over,  lined them up and pre-drilled holes for the screws.

Next I cut my pieces  & sanded that will go inside of the shelf, to make the dividers and the two end pieces.

The edges are quite rough, but I will sand them down with my electric sander. You can see in the picture below the dividers ready to have a dry test run.

They fit perfectly. I took them out and set them to the side.

Flipping the whole shelf so that the bottom faced up, I nailed through where I wanted the dividers to go.

Here you can see the nail poking through, then I placed the divider over the nail, pushing it down hard, then flipped the shelf back over & hammered the nail all the way in.

Next, I nailed the sides to hold the dividers in place - doing it on both sides.

I sanded the whole shelf, but not too much,
 As I wanted to keep the roughness to it. I wanted the weathered look.

Next I had, some cheaper $1 white & black spray paints from Walmart. I used this as my primer. Giving it three coats of black first, then once that had dried, then did the same using the white paint. ( I somehow lost the picture of the black paint on the shelf)

In this you can see the black peeking through. I sanded it lightly around the edges.

I'd purchased a towel rail from Walmart for $10 - I laid the template down on the underside of my shelf & made the marks where the rail was to go.

Measured to make sure the bar fit perfectly, then I drilled the fixings in place.

Make sure you screw the tightening screw to hold the ends in place, otherwise you'll have a wobbly towel rail.

I added some D-Rings on the back to hang it up. 

Here I had some matching Drawer handles left over from making my Clock Wall Hanging, I used 3 on my shelf.

Here is our, new Bathroom Shelf with Towel Rail !!! I love the finished project.

Now we have a place to hold our toothbrushes, without knocking them off the sink the whole time. I love how it turned out. It matches the Wall Clocking Hanging.

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