Saturday, October 12, 2013

Glee - The Quarterback.

It's sad when someone you love dies, more so when they are in their prime. Even more so when, it's because of addictions. So many lives have been taken, this way as in many others too.
It is just sad, so, so sad.

Tonight, I watched :

(Albeit, later than the actual air date)

It was hard to watch through the crying and sniffling. I cried like a baby, tears rolled down my wet cheeks, as I watched the Glee cast, sing heartfelt songs, in memory of Finn's life. Crying even more, when Santana sang, and then when Rachel sang, the flood gates opened. How they all were able to get through making that episode - boggles my mind.

As to what of the fate of Glee, then who knows for now - writer Ryan Murphy said in an interview, with EOnline Let's get people back and then let's take the time to write and deal with a tribute to Cory,' which I guess we're going to do for episode three and then after that episode airs, we're going to go off the air for a while and take a little hiatus and figure out what is the future of the show. 

We all have loved ones, who have left this world. Life goes on, we have to get through each day, even with a broken heart, longing to hear their voice just one more time. One line that stuck with me, was Kurt's dad, when he said, I should of given Finn a hug.

How true is that, we all wish that we could have said one more word, one more hug etc.. To our loved ones.

Let us always make sure, we give that hug, a kiss, a smile, loving kind word, because we NEVER know when it will be our loved ones last moment, or our own.

This is my all time favorite Glee song : here's to you Finn Hudson & Rachel Berry

Don't Stop Believing.

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