Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crio Bru

I LOVE drinking Crio Bru.

We are lucky enough to know the owners of 'Crio Bru',  

Eric loves chocolate and loves making and experimenting with anything chocolate, which led him to start Crio Bru. They got me hooked on the drink 3 years ago, and I must say I absolutely LOVE it. 

It's a brewed drink, with richer, more chocolatey flavor !! Way better than the store bought, Hot Chocolate, let me say, I will never go back to drinking that overly sweet stuff again.
Crio Bru is healthy - it Increases Energy, Antioxident Rich, Reduces hunger, Sodium free, Fat Free, Choletrerol Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free.... Now come on Ladies who doesn't love the FREE elements here :)

Crio Bru is rich and at first takes some getting used to. But you will soon come to love it. I have tried all of the flavors they have. I love them all, but my most favorites are,

Kabenau, Sambriano and Cavalla. 

Kabenau Cocoa Beans are from Papua New Guinea, with flavor notes of cool lime & red grapefruit - this is a strong brewed drink. This is my all time favorite.

Sambriano Cocoa Beans are from Madagascar with flavor notes of citrus & raspberry, this is strong, but not as strong as Kabenau, but still has a rich depth to it. 

Cavalla Cocoa Beans are from the Ivory Coast, with flavor notes of coconut & cinnamon. This is a lighter brewed Crio, but still yummy.

When I make my Crio, I always double brew.

 What that means is when I have french pressed it once and drunk the Crio drink, I then boil the kettle and pour more hot water back into the once brewed, Roasted Cocoa beans - This way you can make the most of your yummy Cocoa Beans.
And once you've done brewing, you can always drain them well and let dry on a paper towel and use in a hand scrub :) Yummy smelling Chocolatey Hand Scrub - oh yes please. 
Or how about, using the brewed Cocoa beans to stain a craft project, like taking a white piece of paper into something that looks old and aged - like a treasure map for your kids.

You can also drink it cold, which during the summer is refreshing. Cassandra actually made me this for the first time when we popped over to her place to get my big bulk order of Crio, before we moved from Utah to Madison, WI. She said here try this ...oh my, soooooo good, again she got me hooked :) Thx Cass :)

Heres is how I make my Kabenau Flavor Crio for a Hot Drink or leave it cool
 to make a cool refreshing Drink.

First you brew your Crio, Spoon the cocoa beans into your french press or percolator and brew!

 I leave mine steep for a good 20 minutes, to get that rich, strong flavor. Once that is brewed, pour into a glass container and let it cool. In this picture I double brewed the beans & got quite a lot of Crio

Heres is how I make my Kabenau Flavor 
For a cold refreshing  drink.

Brewed Crio Bru, Flavor of  your choice.
Homemade Coconut Milk (You can use any form of Milk, or non dairy whatever takes your fancy)
Coconut Syrup (I use Torani) ( or any flavor you like)
(Whipped Cream / Can) Optional to make it more like a non coffee Frappachino

Pour the desired amount of Crio into your glass, add the Coconut milk, coconut syrup, stir

A Healthy way to drink Chocolate Milk.

We all love this, even my little Girls, Seren & Carys.

Go on try
 Crio  Bru.
I'd love to know what you think of it.

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