Friday, February 21, 2014

Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Now, I'm not the type of person to spend big bucks at a salon or spa (Being a wife of full time student doesn't allow such perks lol) But being said, there are some things a girl 'MUST' indulge in. One of them is chocolate and the other  are really good body products - that is -- as natural as you can get. None of the added nonsense of chemicals, parabens and chemically added fragrance's.

I for one, can't handle all that gunk!

But I must say, I have been using Aztec Indian Healing Clay1qda for over 2 1/2 years and I absolutely love it.
If using as a face mask it reinvigorates your tired skin. You can use it as a detox bath, which is fabulous too. It has many different ways to be used. Just be warned... When you have applied the clay, as it dries -- you will feel your face has become WARM, PULSE and TIGHTEN!! It feels great.

Now if you plan on doing your face mask when your little ones are running around, beware....They will call you names! Yep name calling! My little one, Carys saw me applying the mask and her eyes popped open wide and gave me this weird look and walked away. Then when I had completely finished applying it... Seren & Carys stood there and in unison said..."ARGH SCARY!" and ran away.

They kept their distance, taking a peek when they thought I wasn't looking, and then to add to my newly scary face, I growled!! And they ran off into their bedroom's screaming!! LOL And when Jason came home, they ran to him saying.."Mammy... Mammy is scary," and Seren added, "Mammy is green."

Jason followed it up with, "Oh, mammy looks scary." So that made them laugh and I sat there for the next 10 minutes, being called, "mammy, scary, green mammy, argh!"

Ah, don't you just gotta love your kids :)

But, today I'm going to show you how easy it is to apply a FACE MASK and after this I will show you how to make up a DETOX BATH (No pics of me in the bath lol) now that would be scary lol.



Glass or plastic mixing bowl 
Wood or plastic spoon to mix

Use 1 part Clay to 2 parts liquid.
I used 1 part Apple Cider
1 part Water

Any left over face mask - scrap into a glass jar and use a good screw lid and the clay will keep for future face masks.

Mix the Apple Cider & Water together
I used an empty used yogurt pot and a craft wood popsicle stick

Pour the liquid into the clay.  Stir well, now you will get a reaction from the vinegar.
 It will fizzle up. Keep stirring

Till it thickens. 
Now if you want it to be a little thicker, sprinkle a little more clay in.

Apply to your face, I apply it not too thick but thick enough.
 Then leave it dry for about 15 - 20 minutes
 -ARGH... It's the Green Scary Mammy!!

Picture on the left is 10 minutes in
The right picture is 15 minutes.
You can touch to feel if it has dried. 

To remove the mask, just wash your face with warm water and gently wipe off.
Splash your face with cold water to close your pores. Then apply some moisturizer -- I use my homemade Raw Shea Body Butter

After your face mask, your face will feel tight and zingy!!
It will look RED!
Don't fret - the redness will fade, But I wouldn't do this type of mask right before picking the kids up from school, or date night LOL
I might add, my eyebrows are so fair, it looks like I only have half an eyebrow on each side. Plus you won't get many pictures of me sporting a bare face - well this will most likely be the ONLY one LOL



Mix the Apple Cider Vinegar & Essential Oil in a cup
And measure the salts and clay into a bowl.

Run a hot bath and add the vinegar/oil and then the dry salts and clay and whisk

Watch as the mixture creep and mix through the water.
 It looks like a storm brewing in your bathtub!

Your bath will look like a a very dirty one, grab a book and a big glass of water and soak in your 
DETOX BATH till the water is cool.
Towel dry. 
After the bath you may feel a little worn out. The  best time to do this bath is before bed.

In the morning you will feel SO much better

AS a side note - I drink a Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water every day.


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