Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rustic Valentines Wood Sign

With Valentines Day nearly upon us, I realized I hadn't done any wood crafts for this special day.


I rummaged through my  numerous bags of wood (which, may I add,  I in a tiny apartment, I have them in every  spare spot I can find). I found just the right sized piece of rough wood and what's more, This whole project only took me  30 minutes to make.
Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

I started with my piece of wood, some red acrylic paint and a brush

Squirt some paint into a pot, add a little water, give it a stir.
(The look I wanted is a wash of color)

Once dried, I chalked the word 'Love', then painted over using white acrylic.

I predrilled some holes before I painted the word Love on. I used some copper wire to use to hang it.

I poked the wire through and using a pliers, I bent it into a heart shape.  Then, before you feed the end through the other side, I wound the copper wire around a round wood dowel, then finish off  like the other side.

And there you have a quick homemade Valentines Wood Sign.
I switched out, a chalkboard painted picture frame. 
So my new Valentines sign can take pride of place
Sitting on my Pallet shelf.

Don't you just LOVE it :)


  1. Thank you Sara. When living on student $$ it's hard to make anything worthwhile. But this quick and easy sign works for now :)


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