Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 Facts you may not know About Red Heads

Now, being a 'Red Head' myself, I Love my hair color. (Oh, that is not me in the picture opposite! If you haven't guessed it Amy Adams the actress.)

Yet, as a child growing up with white hair, which I truly loved and didn't want it to EVER change color - but sadly it did!

I did grow up going through school with the usual name calling, from ginge, ginger, carrot top, Duracell... Etc. And as a child, it's hard to just blow those names which were meant as an insult, off our small and fragile shoulders. But now as an Adult - I love, did I say LOVE my hair color and not for a million dollars or pounds, would I ever dye my hair. My younger sister has red hair too, and we both have BLUE eyes. Check out what it says in fact #4!! Woo hoo :)

Anyway, for anyone out there who is struggling with their different shades of wonderful Reds, just remember - We can and are envied for our hair color :) So embrace it and don't shy away from it.

Read this article and see the 10 unbelievable facts you may not have known about us 'Red Heads'

I'm the one on the bottom left -  Gap between front teethwhite hair and tons of freckles!!
( My sister's may not forgive me for posting this pic - they are the ones on the right. The girl on the top left was a friend) Love you Judith an Alison :)
The lovely lady in the middle is my mam xx

Me aged 6
My Hair had already started to change color.

Here I am with my family, i'm the youngest :) See how much my hair color had changed. 
Aged 10 years old
Again, my fab sisters  -- I love you :) Check out our hairstyles !!! I must add also my mother made all of our dresses, including hers. She was a good seamstress. I am glad I have the same talent.

Ah, my Lovely Red Hair as it is now :)
Even though this picture was taken a few years back.
If you don't know me - I don't like having my pictures taken, ESP when those dang chocolate bars have shown their ugly calories on my tummy area!! LOL

And this little beauty is my granddaughter, Hannah.

She is adorable 
Her hair is an amazing color, don't you think!


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