Friday, February 7, 2014

My Valentines Chalk Art

Here is my stab at  Chalk Art for Valentines 2014.

I hope to do a lot better next year :)

This one hangs in my bathroom, When I painted over the green color, I tried the Petroleum Jelly applied first before spray painting, then wiping it off once the paint is dry.....BUT..the more I look at it...I will most likely paint it again so it doesn't look like a red spotted Dalmatian dog :/

I used a mixture of both chalk and Chalk markers for these two - it's fun trying our the colored chalk markers, although the purple one..was a little devil. It wanted to leave big blobs or not work at all, talk about temperamental!! Well, sounds a little like me! LOL

I Love the simplicity of this Picture Tray frame. For this one I chose not to paint Chalkpaint on the glass, but instead I painted the back cover, this way I can wipe off little grubby finger marks as the glass is protecting the wording.
Although just by looking at it you'd think I'd used Chalkpaint, but NO.....I used black scrapbook cardstock cut down to size, then used a Chalkpaint marker to write the words. And what's more I can re-use every year and change it out for every holiday just by using cardstock - plus I won't have to wipe it off each time , just store in a folder till next that makes it cheap and reusable :)

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