Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Sweet Treat

Are you looking for a quick last minute treat for Valentines, well look no further. 
Make these mini Strawberry Trifles and they will all go in a flash.

All you do to make the jello set at an angle, is prop the cup you're using in a muffin tin using some paper towel

Once set you can add the custard.

To make the Birds Custard follow the steps in my post HERE

Then pour it on top of the jello.

Whisk up some Heavy Cream.

Slice some strawberries in half and then make little cuts at the top and bottom, to make them look a little more like hearts.

Drizzle, some melted chocolate over the strawberries and then I made some chocolate hearts, sprinkled with some heart sprinkles. Pop the in the fridge to set.

Then pipe the whipped cream and decorate.

Have a Sweet Valentine's Day


  1. Lucky Sister Missionaries -- these look delicious!

    1. Hey Rebecca, ok this is Rebecca from church right? little daughter named Esther :) and if so- yes they were quite yummy indeed :)


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