Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines Wood Decor

Cariad,  Amore, Amour,  Amor, Dragoste, Gra and Love.
All these words say the same thing - Love
Left  to right
Cariad - Welsh, Amore - Italian, amour -French, Amor - Spanish, Dragoste - Romanian, Gra - Irish
Today was my day to make Valentines crafts and with left over wood from a broken crate, I had just the spot for a Valentines Decor.

Now not each piece of wood was in the best condition, but they would do just fine for my project.
I laid the wood down, placed some spacers in between each piece, then nailed 2 cross pieces down to each long piece. I wasn't worried about the look of the back of it, as no-one will see it.

I finished off the leftover paint, I used to make my Rustic Valentines Wood Sign. I gave it one coat and let dry.

Then I chalked the words on, in a haphazard style.

Then using some of my leftover copper wire, I shaped 3 different sized hearts.

I glued the hearts at the top.

Then set it on the top rung of my Vintage ladder

I just Cariad it :)

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