Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Easy Wood Crate

So how many have days where, we seem to either be a couch potato -- reading a good book or catching up on your favorite show OR where were super busy doing numerous household chores, a quick 30 minute workout, as well as squeezing in a couple of crafts.

Well, my day today has been the later. Waking up early may have something to do with it too... And dinner is done and cleaned away - yep early dinner all done before 5pm!!

I will say not everyday is like this - some days are a couch potato day, where I catch up on emails, TRY and write a few words, line or if my girls allow a chapter of my book :)

But today, with the sun shining, I wanted to try my hand at making a crate - which will house some fresh spring flowers.

Before I start, I will say I didn't take pictures of each step -- but here is a  link to another post to see the basic way I made this crate.

I had some spare wood which I cut into:

 4 same sized long pieces for the sides
 2 same sized for ends (pine wood) which were about 1 inch wider than my other end pieces of wood
2 same sized for ends (the smaller dark wood)
4 same sized pine wood for the bottom
2 scrap pieces of wood for the inside to stabilize the crate
2 handles (which I had lying around)
Black Paint Pen
Benjamin Moore, Arcadia White Paint
Nails, Screws & a Hammer

What I did was to make 2 separate boxes using 2 long and 2 shorter pieces of wood. 
Nailing them together.

Then setting the one box with the larger sized end piece of wood upside down on top of the other box and using the scrap wood, I nailed them in place.
Once that was made I painted it. It took 3 coats in total.

I didn't even worry about paint blotches or runs - I wanted this to NOT be perfect.

Then I drew on some numbers and used the Black Paint Pen to color them in.

Then I screwed some handles on and popped in some of my favorite spring flowers which has brightened our little living area up.

I LOVE how it turned out 
 Even though I'm not the best carpenter.
Easy Wood Crate

If you want to know how to make the yellow picture frame tray/chalkboard that is under the wooden crate

The only thing I did differently was
 add handles and add a cloth backing to it using a Staple Gun

These are the pictures for the yellow Picture Frame Chalkboard Tray 

Look closely at the bottom, you can see the 4 smaller sized wood which made the bottom base.
 I nailed that to the bottom box.

Here you can see the small pots of flowers fit just right. 
And on the inside, you can see the 2 scraps of wood holding the 2 boxes together.
You can make any sized crates
 Just measure the size of your flower pots your gonna use and  off you go. 

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