Saturday, November 16, 2013

Whimsical Wire Christmas Trees

How cool are these!
They remind me of the Movie 'The Grinch'

And you wanna know something..
They are so easy to make. In the picture above I used a mixture of different sized/plated wire, which I picked up from my local hardware store. Now for the copper wire, look for that in the plumbing aisle. The green & sliver wire I next to each other by all the other wires in different sizes.

Using a cone I purchased from Hobby Lobby, I used that as my shaper. ( You can make your own using poster board, made into a cone. But make sure you stuff the cone and seal the end. As the thick wire is harder to twist & will make dents in the cone)

Start to wind the wire around the cone, pulling tightly as you go.

Keep going till you reach the end, then slip off the top.

Do the same for your other colored wire

I had a cutting board that I wasn't using, so I used that for my base. Take some Ribbon, I stapled it to the underside of the board, Then position your whimsical trees.

My staple gun would staple the wire to the board - so I tied on some twine, then stapled that to the board.

Add some extra whimsical bits'n'bobs to your display & you are ready to show off your handy dandy wire work - plus once you have done one, you'll want to make more, just like I did.

Whimsical Wire Christmas Trees

Like I said once you made one - you'll make more and all different sizes too.

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