Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Antiqued Work Tote - re-vamped

During the Fall, I did quite a few wood projects, and somehow I forgot to post this project I did.
So here it is now :)

At the Odana Antiques Store, I found this cute tote. It had quite the crack all the way through, but it still held solid.


But, to me it sang out... Please.... Oh pretty please buy me, you know you want to!! Lol
And as you can see, I did.

Heres what I did to re-vamp it:

Firstly I gave it a good gentle wash, with warm soapy water. Then I used small tack nails to secure some of the areas that needed it. Then,  I gave a light coat of Arcadia blue paint, leaving it to dry, then using black acrylic paint, I mixed it quite thin and gave a quick wash over and wiping the excess off with a rag. Pictured above.

I have a Welsh Dragon Cookie Cutter, which I don't use for that, but more for crafts.

Taking some red acrylic paint, I place the dragon cookie cutter on top of the tray and dabbed the paint on.

Take away the cutter and I was left with this Dragon Stencil :)
The Welsh Dragon is part of our National Welsh Flag.

Next step. Using white glue and latex paint we are going to do the 'CRACKLE EFFECT'

I first brushed on the glue, and leave to dry until it's tacky to the touch.

Once the glue is tacky, load your brush with your paint, and in one sweeping brush stroke, apply the paint.
Don't be tempted to go back over the brush stroke you just made. Just load your brush again and paint where you left off. Continue till you have finished. Leave to dry.

The paint will look patchy, don't worry. You're going for that antiqued look.

What the paint will look after 5 minutes

Closeup of the paint 20 minutes into the drying.

How it looks when it's completely dry. I love how it looks. 
Iv'e transformed on old dull looking tote to a new 

Antiqued Tote.

You can see the Stenciled Welsh Dragon peeking through the white. I also used 2 packs of  Waxman Oatmeal square floor pads under the tote, to stop scratching and the gap in the tote widening any more.

And if you have little girls like I do, then you're Tote will end up holding their books :)

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