Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Bully Close Too Home

I read this article today.

The Bully Too Close To Home by Rachel Macy Stafford from her blog

It made me stop and think, to reevaluate my role as a mother. I have raised 5 children and now raising 2 darling little girls all over again, and after reading the article, I tipped my head down in sadness, as I realized at times of when my older children were growing up, at times, I had acted out of frustration in that same very way.

I felt ashamed, disappointed in myself, I felt sad. I knew though that I did say sorry to my children, and if they remember any other times, where I may have acted that same way, I hope if they read this post, they would accept my heartfelt apologies. I love all of my children, I hope and pray that with Seren & Carys, I can learn from my past mistakes and be kind, loving, patient, and cherish every moment I have with them.

If I ever stumble and fall, may my darling little tinkers, be the ones who melt my heart with their sweet little faces and unconditional love, give me a time out :) and a hug afterward.

I admire Rachel, as she wrote down exactly how she acted, and how her experience, has and will help us become better mothers.

Read the article, see how it makes you feel. Does it make you want to run over to your kids and give them a hug? I say, be proud of yourself, as we all make silly mistakes, but we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again. Or if you're lucky enough to be just the most patient mother ever - then I say, "Well Done To You."

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