Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rustic Wood Christmas Door Sign

Nadolig Llawen - Merry Christmas

For those who don't speak Welsh, Nadolig Llawen means, Merry Christmas.

I wanted something different for my front door this year, not the usual wreath, don't get me wrong, I love wreath's, but it was time for a change and a quick one at that. 

I started with, heat treated wood, I purchased from Ace Hardware. The wood actually came in a large bundle of firewood. (Made by the Amish)

Then using Elmers Glue or store brand White Glue,  spread it over the wood and leave until it's tacky.

Then once it's tacky, load your brush up with white paint, and in long strokes, brush on the paint. Don't go back over what you just did. You will see within minutes, the cracking effect takes place.

Continue until the wood has had the 1st coat. Leave to dry and continue the same process, glue then, paint, till you have the desired effect.

I forgot to take the final picture. But in the picture below you can see the color.

 I  traced the words using chalk onto the wood, then paint over letters, in Red.
Then did a quick and simple snowflake design.

Then predrilled holes to hang it from.

I love the misshaped wood.

Then using White Glue & Glitter, trace over the snowflake and Christmas Trees.

I did light blobs on the tree, to make it look like snow had fallen on the branches.

Sprinkle the Glitter all over the glue and leave to completely dry, then tap off any loose glitter.

Add some wired 'S' from craft wire and thread through the holes and then using chain link 
Attach the 2 signs together. Add a Burlap bow and your good to hang your new quick Rustic sign up.

Rustic Christmas Christmas Sign


  1. Very cute, and I love the welsh addition too!

  2. If there's a way I can add my Welsh Heritage into a craft I will :)


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