Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Use Profanity And Other Raw Talk in Your Writing

I subscribe to Writers Digest. The FREE monthly emails I receive from Writers Digest, are full of information, tips and self help on 'how to be a better writer', how to grab the attention of Literary Agents Etc.

The email I received this week, I found to be very informative. As a religious Christian person, I struggle as to whether to use profanity or not in my writing. As of now I don't use any, I try to find another suitable word to describe what I want to say. This article I found enlightening, whether I choose to use profanity at some point  or not ( most likely - not) this article will help you in deciding which way or how to use such words in writing.

Read the full article Here: How to Use Profanity And Other Raw Talk in Your Writing

As for me, I should shake off the gloomy snowy cold blues, and get my fingers to the keys of my laptop, and write. I know, I have slacked ( for shame Helen!) With moving and just settling into a new place, with new people to try and get to know, I just found it a little disconcerting. But after reading the 1st through 2nd books of 'The Mortal Instruments',( 1st book is much better than the movie- in my opinion)  and watching my beloved British Period Tv Shows, 'The Paradise' & Mr Selfrigde', For all of you ladies who love Downtown, (Season 4 starts on Jan 5th) these shows are a must watch!! Oh My, what a delightful time, to lose yourself for an hour or two in two wonderful period dramas.

I am now revived with a new vim and vigor to write. So with that in mind and this article from Writers Digest, It's time to stop procrastinating and start putting thoughts into words, and start typing.

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