Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let It Snow!

Snow Day.

Monday morning we awoke to see, a fresh blanket of crisp and white glistening snow, that covered the ground and pretty much everything else.

I love the 3 different sized animal footprints.

The tree looks like, someone dropped a huge bag of powdered sugar over it :)

On our way out, Seren got so excited at seeing the snow, she didn't even wait to make snow angels.
She stepped off the bottom steps leading up to our apartment and started to make snow angels.

Then we walked to the car and when Seren saw how much snow there actually was - her excitement could not be kept inside. She dashed over the snow, flopped backward and set to work making more snow angels.

Seren is my Angel

Here's Seren's Snow Angel

Carys on the other hand, held on to her little 'banky' ( her blanket) as she calls it, and kept saying 'it's cold' and just watched Seren.

Seren is at last happy to have her picture taken, even saying 'Cheese'.

What a lovely first BIG Snow Day.

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