Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Ward's Christmas Party

This is our 1st Christmas here in Madison, WI.

I was asked a couple of weeks ago to help decorate for our ward party, which took place last Saturday the 7th, 2013. 
I don't have any pictures of the main hall I decorated, but what I did use were all the different Christmas Trees, I made earlier and posted about HERE
But I did get to take a picture of the foyer display I did.

I kept the theme simple and natural, just as it would have been in the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.
 Wood, Burlap, Twine, Paper, Linen.

I made a quick chalk poster board, using chalk paint. I also made the 3D paper stars, see the post HERE.

I painted this picture 8 years ago, but upon moving I took it out of the frame ( I got tired of it)
Then as I was thinking about the theme of the decorations - we focused on the Birth of Jesus Christ. 
I dug out my picture, and used firewood and made a very quick natural wood frame.

Also, using my jigsaw, I cut out a simple wood star from pine wood.

I made my very own, Manger!
I followed how, HERE.
I made mine smaller than the one they had made.
 I am pleased how it turned out, I had one of our Sister Missionaries wrap a doll in strips of cotton, to resemble swaddling clothes.

I took a picture and made another simple wood frame. We printed out pictures of the Nativity and Jesus Christ and hung them with twine from the tree, and a simple paper star.

Seren & Carys are digging in for some pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

Mmm...'Nummies' as Carys likes to say, Seren prefers to , say 'Elicious'.

Seren is singing along to the Christmas Carol, Silent Night.
Our darling whipped cream bearded, 'Little Tinkers'.

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