Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shabby Chic Coat Rack Makeover

Just before we moved to Madison, WI, I made a coat rack from 2 planks of wood, which I glue together, then screwed together, painted it a darkish green color then distressed it a little. Then on one of my many shopping trips to Hobby Lobby, I found some wonderful Cast Iron Hooks.

This is what it looked like before.
Not great but okay.

I REALLY don't like the ugly fugly, brown one underneath, but I can't take it off. I think the student housing must have used industrial strength to stick it to the wall as well as screws. So now with the winter here and our coats new place of residence, you can't see much of that brown one - yeah!

This is what I did to make over the green color.
First I, unscrewed the hooks, then lightly sanded over the wood, to take off the finishing wax.

I have wanted to try my hand at the crackling paint technique, but I didn't want to have to buy the special paint to do so. Then I remembered - Elmer's glue :)

Then using Elmer's Glue I painted all over the wood ( oops forgot that picture) Leave to dry, but only until it is TACKY.

Then using white paint, I Loaded my brush and painted over the tacky glue, in one direction -
Don't go back over what you've painted. Just keep painting till you have covered the wood.
Don't worry if in some parts the paint is thicker than others, you're going for a distressed look.

Then watch in awe, as within 5 minutes see the paint crack !

Now I did use a scraper after the paint had completely dried, just to scrape off little bits of paint here and there.

Screw you hooks back in place and then I hung the coat rack back up.

Now I love how it looks, the Cast Iron Hooks, really pop!

My Shabby Chic Coat Rack Makeover.

Ah...much better, don't you think.
I know I do!

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