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Why is the Topic of "Vampires" so Interesting?

Question 3.

So, Why is the Topic of "Vampires" so Interesting?

Over generations the topic of Vampires has 'us'  either falling in Love with them or Hating them. There have been so many different portrayals of the so called 'Vampire'.

We have the somewhat Good, the Bad & the downright Ugly Mcfugly Mean Vamps. 
All of which are Vampires and drink blood, whether it be from humans, animals, or blood bags.
Some Vampires have feelings and protect loved ones or the ones they love.
Some Vamps have souls.
There are Vampires that are weird, creepy. 
Then we have:
We have the Sexy Vamps.
The Romantically inclined Vamps.
Then we have vamps who go about causing mass killings for the sake of it or the thrill of the hunt.
We have vamps that have turned into bats, wolfish kinda beast things, mist, wolves, or have just been a vampire without turning into anything (well, their faces & eye color change don't they!)

And I could go on & on....... One thing I don't like is the CREEPY UGLY MCFUGLY VAMPS (30 Days of Night) - they really creep me out.

I have seen my fair share of Vampire Movies, TV Shows and Books, and I must say, I lean toward the Sexy, somewhat good, romantically inclined, vamps who have a soul. BUT.....I will say this I DO like the BAD BOY Vamps too!!!

Take Angel from Buffy & Angel and his show Angel - He has a soul and when he does, he is on the good side, and you feel for him and all the pain he caused as Angelus. But oh my when he's not getting his soul (the one time he & Buffy do the deed) he lose's it and he becomes quite the Bad Boy) which I find him give quick sarcastic comments.

Check out some of Angelus  best moments HERE

Spike, is the same BAD, BAD with that great whit then, in the end is good & gets his soul (which by the way I cried at the finale) 
But loved it when he showed up in the TV show Angel and his funny whit was back,
Check out some of Spike's best moments HERE

I love watching or watched
Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Dracula TV Show
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I also loved watching the Movies about Vampires

Bram's Stokers Dracula
Fright Night 1985 &  2011
Most of Christopher Lee Movies
Dracula 2000
The Lost Boys
All the Underworlds!
Twilight Saga
All of The Blade Movies

I remember watching the Black & White Dracula Movies the actors who played Dracula, Bela Lugosi, Jon Carradine, Christopher Lee
Frank Langella (which, may I add was the 1st color Dracula movie I saw & it scared the living daylights out of me)

To the modern Vamps - Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler, Keifer Sutherland, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell... To name a few as the list is endless. If was to list them this post would be WAY TOO LONG!!

But there is the one thing in common with all of these actors portraying a Vampire - that are they playing them WELL or Not so well. Which ends up with us either loving them or hating them.

One thing I do like though about my type of Vampire is that, they have to have a REALLY GOOD background. What I mean is that, their story is worth my busy time to sit & watch or read about or daydream about.

Why is it we find vampires so interesting? Maybe because it is that with some Vampires, charisma that oozes from them or the dark, brooding eyes like, quite often shirtless Stuart Townsend In Queen of the Damned or Brad Pitt with his long flowing locks, which has you yearning for him to find peace & love. Or how about the brotherly hate and love the camaraderie between the Salvatore brothers, Stefan & Damon, and the vicious circle of love between who is dating Elena.  To the other Mikaelson Siblings of vamps that are all immaculately primped & preened. Do we like how they seduce, play and love and yes even draw blood or is it that we would love to be swooned by a vampire like Angel or Damon Salvatore or the maybe you're drawn to the less goody two shoe vamps even with the little trickle of blood covering their chin.

To end, I will say this -- that no matter what the fascination of the Vampire Lore, Vampire Books, Vampire Movies we will be biting our lips for the new bestseller books, drooling over the new hunky Guy Vamp  in the movies and keep reading more Vampire Lore, and yet still find the whole adventure a thrilling coffin ride! 

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