Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lovely Day

What a lovely day it is today. I started my day with my little tinkers, Seren and Carys, going to our church (LDS ) to help clean it ready for  general relief society meeting tonight and for church tomorrow.
Then we stopped at Target to get some more little halo oranges  and fresh blackberries for me, although I may make something yummy with the blackberries.  Then home.

But with the weather being so nice today, I decided to go to Walmart and get myself a bike and bike trailer for the girls. I have been really good exercising and watching what I eat lately...that I thought adding biking while pulling the girls in the trailer will help drop those pounds.

Well, 40 minutes biking while pulling the trailer behind is  quite the workout!!!
I'm pooped!!! Lol but the good pooped :-)

Legs feel heavy, my core got quite  a workout too. I'm gonna try and do this 3 times a week. Although im gonna have to get a better much more comfortable seat...Gosh, my booty did not like my seat!!!

But I know all this exercise is helping as of Wednesday just gone I've lost 2 lbs...YEAH ! It may not seem much, but to me it is! But  I have to keep going and shed those other few unwanted pounds.

Well, I best get my wrinkly girls out of the bath...they came inside from playing outside covered in sand and dirt !!!

I hope your day has been as warm, wonderful and tiring as mine :-)


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