Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whole Foods = Empty Purse!


Today I received a text message from my good friend Jessica. Her words were, "I laughed so hard, got to love Whole Foods."

So, I clicked on the link and began to read.

I too laughed so hard at this article. How many of us know exactly what this lady Kelly Maclean writes about on a trip to her Huge Whole Foods Store.

Click HERE to read the article.

I too have nearly choked back my words of HOW MUCH!! When I see the total of three items!
 And that's just the bread.

 I must say this though, I do like shopping at Whole Foods even on a student budget :/
 I wish that one day I could do a big shop there, but I know that would probably bomb our checking account to a big fat ZERO!! Lol

But, remember this, watch out for us ladies with toddlers in tow crossing the parking lot, when you are in 'looking for an empty parking spot frenzy! :)

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