Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Burlap Bunny Bags.

How adorable are these baby burlap bunny bags!
Cute, right and easy enough to make if you have a sewing machine, if you're going to sew them by hand, it may take a little longer.

For my Burlap Bunnies
I actually used a Drop cloth for painting.

To start, cut your fabric into rectangles. 
You will need One piece for the front & One piece for its back 
Now, I have no set pattern for this, but you can use a brown paper sack as a reference size.

Once you have the basic rectangle shape, you are going to fold it in half and cut down in a rounding motion.
Your cutting ears, so you don't want a straight cut. See, mine, they have a rounded inside edge. 

Now it's time to 
Using acrylic paint an a round sponge, apply the paint to the fabric and let it dry

Here are my little tinkers helping to paint dots too :)

Once dried,  take the painted side and the back side and turn right sides together.

Then pin together and make a little mark for guidance as to where you start and finish sewing the two pieces of fabric together

Sew along all the sides.
Don't sew the ears yet!

Once you have stitched the bottom together, fold one half of its ears back
Then you're just going to do a zigzag stitch along its ears. 
You're doing this to stop any unravelling of the fabric.

Turn right side out.
You can see where I zigzagged the ears.

Time to Fill :)
You can use these for a cute gift with treats inside or 

If they are going to be used for display, you can stuff them using a plastic grocery bag.

Tie together with some bright ribbon.

Baby Burlap Bunny Bags. 

How cute do they look with their Mama Burlap Bunny
How to make the Mama Burlap Sack -HERE

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