Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Does Easter Mean To You?

What does Easter Mean To You?

Does it mean, A time for lots of Chocolate Eggs and Marshmallow Bunnies? Easter Egg Hunts and Family Get Togethers where, an abundance of food is served, followed by delicious desserts.


Does it mean something totally different?

For many of us, all of the above is celebrated. Yet there is that
Why we Celebrate Easter.

That Reason is 
As a member of 
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
At this
We Celebrate his Resurrection.
Although not before we remember Christ's life and death.

From his humble birth
In a lowly Stable.

Learned to become a carpenter
 with his earthly father, Joseph

He Healed the Sick

Raised the Dead

Loved all the little Children 


He Atonened for Our Sins

He was Bound 

And Tried

Flogged & Scourged

Carried His own Cross


Then Arose from his Tomb

This is the Reason we Celebrate Easter
To Give Thanks to Our Savoir, Jesus Christ, for #Because of him, 
He has made it possible for us to return to him & our Father In Heaven.
All we have to do is Believe & have faith, and turn our hearts to him.

May you all have a wonderful & meaningful Easter.

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