Friday, April 11, 2014

Drop Cloth Easter Bunnies

What's up Doc?

That's what's up doc :)

I love my little Bunnies with their buck front teeth!

So this past week I have been in overdrive mode for making
Easter Crafts.

With plenty of scarps of painter's drop cloth from Walmart - which, may I add is a must in my fabric draw, it's cheap and versatile.

Here is how I made my Bunnies.

I literally drew a bunny on the drop cloth - you can see my lines! 
This was my template

Lay your bunny template down and trace around then cut out.
You will need  back and a front for each bunny.

Next, you are going to sew around the bunny

Time to stuff your bunny with some craft stuffing filler. 
Make sure you stuff the ears first. 

Don't stuff all the way, leave 1/3 unstuffed. Set bunny aside

We're going to make bean bags to put inside the bunny.
(This will give the bunny's bottom some weight)

I used split peas.

Cutting some rectangles - I'm going to make a little bag

Sew along the edge, leaving one side open then fill with split peas

Fold the raw edges in, then sew it up.

Pick up your part stuffed bunny and pop the bean bag inside.

Fill any gaps with stuffing and sew the edge up 

Now to paint the bunny ears. Take some pink paint and paint!

And a small little pink pain for it's cheeks and dot where its nose will go.
Leave to dry.

Take some black thread and black shoe buttons.

Sew on the eyes.
Now, my bunny kinda looks like a whisker-less cat at the moment!! UGH

Now, when I use Burlap wrap, I always keep the little ends.

As these little scraps make great bunny whiskers!!
Thread a large eye needle with one thread and sew through and knot together.
My bunny really looks like a CAT now!! ARGH - time to do a little art work on my bunnies

Flip around and sew a white pom-pom on for the bunny's tail.

I painted a little white to define my bunny's cheeks and black dots by its whiskers
White buck teeth, then outlined with black. 
Add a bow for my girl bunny and a spiffy tie for my boy bunny.

Time for pictures Bunnies!!

Carys loves to cuddle and take these bunnies in her stroller for a walk!


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