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My Writing -- Life Changes

Here is my next piece of writing - again, this is from my creative writing course on Mastering Dialogue
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Lori, looked over at the couple who sat across from her, holding hands and making googly eyes at each other, she smiled, “When's the big day?”

The young woman turned and smiled, “Tomorrow. You?”

“Four and half months," Lori rolled her eyes. "But I wish my day was tomorrow too.” She chuckled.

“What fun, isn't it. I mean all the preparations and whatnot, then poof, the day is finally here.”

“Yes, it is....” before she could finish, a door opened and out popped a middle aged lady. “Lori, we're ready for you now.”

Standing up, Lori smiled at the smitten couple, “Best of luck.”

“You too.” The couple replied.

Lori followed the well rounded, silver haired woman down the brightly painted hall and was asked to wait in yet another room. Drumming her fingers on the magazine, she thought, where is he? She knew Zack was a little forgetful, but for this? I'm sure he'll be here, he's just running late, she mused.

The door opened and in strode the most drop dead gorgeous guy she'd ever seen, “Good afternoon Lori,” His hand reached out to shake hers. “I'm Dr. Turner. But please, call me Avery, it's less formal.” He smiled.

Lori was dumbstruck for a second and unsure where to look. Zack was handsome, but, Dr. Turner, was breathtaking and he looked like he'd just stepped off a photo shoot. His rich brown hair was styled just right and his piercing blue eyes seemed to look deep into her soul, then was his smile... Oh his smile! She shook his hand quickly and squeaked out, “Nice to meet you, but where's Dr. Epstein?”

“He's away on vacation and I'm filling in for him. Is that okay with you?” He sat down on the swivel stool and moved closer to Lori.

“Sure.” She smiled as her face blushed.

“Well, let's get on with it, is there anyone joining you today?” He squirted rubbing alcohol onto his hands and rubbed it in.

“My husband Zack, but...” she glanced at her watch. “I think he's running late.”

“No worries, we'll get started. I'm sure he'll turn up.”

Lori laid back on the table and rolled up her top and pushed the top of her jeans down. As Dr. Turner squeezed the cold gel onto her tummy and she remarked at how cold it felt. Picking up the transducer, he moved it over her belly and on the screen next to her, appeared her sweet growing baby. The ultrasound went really well and Lori couldn't be more happier. So, on her way home, she'd decided to stop at the mall to pick up a cute pink outfit for the baby girl.

On her way back to her car, Lori spotted Zack, standing by his car. Just as she was about to call out, a woman walked up to him, leaned against his body, her hands grasped at his hair... Then they kissed! Lori's eyes widened unable to comprehend the scene playing out before her. She felt sick to her stomach as a mountain of questions swirled around in her head. She steadied herself against the wall and waited until Zack and his girl were out of sight. Albeit shakily, Lori made it back to her car, but the drive home was a blur.

“Hey Lor, I'm home.” called out Zack. He stepped into the living room, dressed in his stone washed designer jeans and Ralf Lauren T-shirt and in his hands he was holding a mixed bouquet of flowers. “Hey babe, these are for you.”

She took the flowers, looked at them and sighed, thinking to herself, he can't even buy me flowers, that I actually like. “Where were you today, Zack?” she asked.

“I had a meeting, why?”

“You forgot!”

“Um... Was there something important, I should have remembered? A birthday or something?” He plonked himself down on the sofa and picked up the TV remote.

Lori couldn't believe his 'matter of fact' behavior, “You missed the Ultrasound!” her voice quivered.

His eye scanned the TV screen, “Oh yeah. That was today, my bad.”

Lori's heart beat faster, her hands felt clammy, “You're bad... YOUR BAD! You knew we had that appointment today, I reminded you before you left for work this morning.”

Zack seemed unfazed, he'd finished scanning the TV channels and stopped on the sports channel, “Sorry, babe. You know me and my memory.” He rolled his eyes and pulled a stupid face.

“Your memory, suits you fine when it's got anything to do with you. It's everything and everyone else, you tend to forget. But lately you have been worse and on this matter... I beg to differ.”

He scrunched his eyebrows and pulled a face, “Huh? What are you on about?”

“You know full well what I'm on about!” Her rage bubbled up inside of her. She stood and said,  “You are a liar.”

“What are you on about Lor?”

“Don't Lor' me. I hate when you call me that. My name is Lori. I said... You are a Liar! You didn't have a meeting today. I saw you.”

“I did have a meeting, it ran long.” He shuffled nervously on the sofa and tiny beads of sweat began to form on his brow.

Lori, paced back and forth, “That meeting of yours, did it have long blonde hair, big boobs and wears a size 0 by any chance?” her impatience barley in check.

Panic washed over Zack. She'd seen him! Now he was in trouble. He racked his brain to think of something to say and blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Oh her. Gosh, she's just one of the temps they hired, she missed her bus so I offered to give her a ride home.”

“Liar!” Lori yelled her fists balled at her sides, her face flushed and her belly felt like a rock. She knew feeling like this wasn't good for the baby. Dr. Turner, had told her that her blood pressure was a little high and for her not to get too stressful. She picked up the flowers and threw them at him.

“What did you do that for?”

“You deserve it, And you're blatantly lying to my face? I SAW you, kissing her and I can smell her sickly perfume all over you.”

He picked at his fingernails, “Ah. It was nothing.”

“It didn't look like nothing. How long has this been going on for?”

Zack stood and stepped closer to Lori, his hand outstretched, “Come on babe, please.”

“Don't come near me, you make me feel sick.” She rubbed her tummy, a wave of nausea washed over her. Holding the arm of the chair, she sat back down, her hands shook as she drank a sip of water.

He'd been caught, but as far as she knew it was just that one kiss, so he played it down, “Okay, okay, I admit it. She kissed me, I kissed her. It happens, babe.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and gave a sly grin.

“STOP CALLING ME BABE!' Her face reddened more, and shaking her fists at him said, "It was more than that, how long has this been going on for?”

“A few months.”

“How many?” The realization was beginning to set in, that her husband was a scum bag.

“Since before you got pregnant, I guess. Look, I didn't mean for you to find out this way.”

“And what way, would you have me find out? You jerk.”

She was about to stand up, but Zack motioned for her to stay sitting. He'd had hoped he could buy some time, but looking at Lori now, he'd had enough and in a way he was glad she'd found out. He'd gotten tired of, thinking of ways to get out of doctors appointments, and dinners with her family. It was about time she knew the whole truth, "We'll since all that is out in the open, I may as well tell you everything. "He cleared his throat and said, “I'm leaving you."

A puzzled look crossed her face, "You're leaving me? What? Why?"

"I've never loved you Lori, you were an option that seemed good at the time.”

“An option? What the hell does that mean?” She glared at him.

Zack ignored her stares and walked over to the mini bar, poured himself a large glass of whiskey and answered, “Money. You had money and lots of it and I was in debt. So I married you. " He took a sip from his glass. But gosh Lori, you're such a bore and a miss goody two-shoes, plus your not that good in the sack. So I had no choice... I slept with other girls,” He chuckled. "They were very good distractions too.” And taking a long sip of the whiskey, he licked his lips, pointed his glass at her and with an air of contempt said, “But you had to go and ruin everything. You got pregnant! I told you I never wanted a baby, let alone become a father. What were you thinking?” He turned his back on Lori. “Anyway, don't expect anything from me. I will sign away any right to that kid. So this is what I'm thinking,” he tipped his glass back, allowing the last drop of whiskey to fall into his mouth. “Oh, and I'll keep all the money I already have accumulated, as well as a substantial payment for signing my rights away, then I'll call it good.” He poured another glass of whiskey and downed it one whole swig.

Lori couldn't quite believe what he'd just told her. How didn't she see his lies? Her mind swam with thoughts of disbelief, disgust, anger, hurt and that he'd only married her for her money. She felt ashamed. Ashamed, dirty and he'd slept with other women too! A shiver ran up her spine, as she realized she never really knew the man she thought she loved. Tiny things slowly started to fall into place now, details she'd overlooked before, now hit her full on and he'd  not only charmed her, beguiled her and used her. And after what she heard from his lying lips and she'd do anything to get rid of the vile man that stood before her. Even if that meant paying him off.

Lori kept her gaze on the little pink boutique bag, that sat on the floor next to her feet, she mumbled, “I'll have my lawyer draw up the paperwork.”

“Great. If you don't mind, I'll stay here until the papers are drawn up.”

Lori stood, her jaw clenched, “YOUR LEAVING NOW!” She wagged her finger at him, and don't ever come back.”

Zack stepped back, his hands in the air, “Okay, okay. No need to get all worked up.” He sauntered past her towards the hallway. He picked up the keys to the car and yelled back, “Oh, by the way, I'm taking the Porsche.”

Her whole body trembled from head to toe. She sank back into the rocking chair, her head ached from the whole ordeal. She gently stroked her belly and whimpered, “It's just you and me now.” Then she buried her head in her hands, and sobbed.

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