Monday, June 16, 2014

The Men in my Life - Fathers Day 2014

Ugh, I am a day  late in posting about Fathers Day:(
But, at least I'm getting to it now :)

Yesterday was Fathers Day and for us it was simple, but rather sweet day.
I am unable to hop across the Atlantic ocean and go see my dad and wish him a Happy Fathers Day, but I can call him and wish a Happy Fathers Day instead, as well as send him a card. I miss having my dad close by and with his speech being unclear and slow (from his Brain Hemorrhage many years ago) Plus his hearing is fading, make for Chatting on the phone is very short and sweet.

This is my dad today.

This was my dad, before his brain Hemorrhage
We took a trip to Dan yr Ogaf Caves & Dinosaur Museum when I was 9.
My mam, told my dad to look scared for the photo! Lol, he obviously didn't listen.

Now for the 'Other' man in my life, the man who is the father
 To our 2 darling little tinkers, Seren & Carys.

He is my very handsome and rather sexy
Hey, good looking!

Like I mentioned our Fathers Day was a simple, yet sweet one.
Seren had bought Jason a Batman T-shirt and one for herself! I know Batman!!
But, Jason, had showed her the animation Batman show the other day and that's been all she's been talking about, but as she calls it, 'Heroes.'

Daddy also got some yummy Ghirardelli milk chocolate and Lindt intense orange chocolate, along with a google play gift card and cards. 


A Tasty Chicken Dinner with homemade gravy and veggies, followed by

Ohhhhh, so good!

Seren wears her Batman T-shirt! While admiring the sprinkles on the frosted cupcake.

Carys, on the other hand, insisted, I take off the frosting so she could eat JUST the cupcake!

So to all the Fathers, past, present & future out there,
I hope you had or spent a Happy Fathers Day with the ones you LOVE.

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