Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Daughter, Lauries Wedding

Time flies by and when you live thousands of miles away from your loved ones, time flies much quicker.

Yesterday,  Saturday, June 28th
My 3rd sweet daughter, Laurie Helen Drew, married her sweetheart Liam.

The hardest thing for me was, not being there to see my daughter marry.
Living thousands of miles away & living on a students wage -- sucks.

But I did get to spend a few quick minutes over Skype, before the pictures
To see and say, Hi to my Laurie xx

How Beautiful she looked :)

I couldn't contain my tears.

My other 2 beautiful daughters
Jodi & Ashton

Laurie & Liam

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie!
What a way to go, with your shoes. 
Comfort comes first LOL
This made me laugh -- so like Laurie :)


Beautiful Cupcakes!

My daughter Jodi & her daughter, my cute granddaughter, Hannah


My 3 sisters.
Judith, Kaye and Alison.

The Beautiful Bride, Laurie xx

 I love you, my darling daughter.
Congratulations on your stunning wedding x

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