Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vintage Window Frame Decor

I've been wanting to buy an old vintage window for ages now.

And, when I was having one of those days (no chocolate in da house days)
I just had to get out and about and I headed to Odana Antique Store, here in Madison.

A store where, if I had tons and tons of money and a house, is where I would easily spend a LOT
Of money there, for decor for our place. But today I just wanted an old window frame.

Here, is my vintage window frame, all gray and lifeless.

Still, sporting it's lovely sharp thingy's (Sorry, I don't know what those things are) 
But they hold the pain of glass in. I removed them all and scraped off all the old dried putty. Then I gave it a quick white wash with white paint and let it dry.

Once dried, I applied a mix of burnt umber brown paint and black. 
And applied it in the nooks and crannies.

Then with a dry thick brush, I applied that brown/black paint mix all over.
Leaving it to dry.

Now comes the fun part.
Apply Mod Podge Glue all over and leave until it feels tacky.

One the glue is tacky, work quickly. Load your paint brush in Acrylic White Paint
And apply all over the glue, making sure you go in ONE direction. Don't be tempted to go back over the paint. 

It will and can look like this. Don't worry. The trick of this technique is that you're making the paint crack.
That way it looks like a chippy, old window frame. Once you have done this allow to dry.
You can see the paint crack - it's cool to see.

You can see the paint, crack :)

Next I painted a single plank of wood in the same manner, and let that to dry. 
This will become my shelf.

Once my shelf was dry, I measured where to put my shelf brackets.
 And screwed them in.

Once I screwed the brackets onto the shelf, I screwed them down onto
The Window frame.

I added a cast iron handle at its bottom.

Hung up the Antique Window Frame and placed books, and Nik-naks for decor.
And a wreath, with a key hanging in its center.

I made a quick picture frame and adding some burlap from a Cocoa sack.

Vintage Window Frame Decor

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