Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dracula Untold 2014

Are we ready for yet another Vampire movie?

My answer is, bring it on!

I love vampire movies, and I try to watch them when they come out.
When I went to see the Transformers; Age of Extintion last night, (which was good - tons of non-stop action) I was somewhat bored with the pre-views, until I saw Luke Evans (Achem, A Welsh Boy, may I add) smoldering on screen in the new 'Dracula Untold' Movie, which comes to the screen in October this year.

Now,  I watched in awe at the amazing special effects, and Luke's  strong demeanor as he played Dracula.
I, SO look forward to watching this version. And as I see it, watching this movie can only help with my creative writing flow, as I work on my vampire novel. (We writers have to keep up with all the new forms of Vampire Movies, that  keeps being put out there in movies.)

Take a look at the official trailer and see for yourself.

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