Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Homemade White Board Calender

In the past I've bought white board calendars and if you're like me, I find them to be a little small for what I need. With that in mind and my old one taking early retirement in the trash, it was time I made my own.

I bought a cheap plexiglass picture frame. $11.99 on sale at hobby lobby.
 I went with a long and narrow size, as I had a certain space for it.

I disassembled it and using the cardboard backing, I painted it

Use three coats, leaving drying time in between coats.
Use any white paint.

Hanging above my calender, are birthday tags, which are super easy to make.

Pre bought wood shape, form hobby lobby for $1.47 a pack pre drill holes to hang them from

Paint both sides, using Chalkpaint. (which I already had) Three times each side -- remember to alternate which way you paint each time, that way you have a smooth  chalkboard surface.

Once the paint has dried on your whiteboard, it's time to mark out the squares.
(I actually made a template on a separate piece of paper before hand)

Measure equal squares

Draw your lines

Then, draw your squares and header for the month. 

I used a black paint pen to outline the squares and the days of the week etc.
I also added a cute saying along the top, which says:
Count your many blessings, name them one by one.

Once my birthday tags were dry, I painted the Month, using a white paint pen I used chalk soapstone and wrote all my family birthdays on them.
I bought my chalk soapstone from Crate & Barrel for $1.50 each! Needless to say I bought a ton, and I love how easy they write, you can sharpen them easily, and they rub off with ease.

I screwed little hook's into my shelf and hung my birthday tags up, using simple twine.

There you have it,  a cheaper, they way I wanted it White board Calender for $16.50

Homemade Whiteboard Calender

Easy to read and write on, wipe off, using whiteboard markers.

Super easy, afternoon craft.

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