Monday, July 21, 2014

An Afternoon At Little Amerricka

A couple of Saturdays ago, we decided to take a short 30 minute drive to 

In, Madison, WI
The Prices were reasonable and the food (if you bought it there) was cheap!

 The girls had a wonderful time riding on all the kiddie rides

Although the kiddie roller coaster!
Carys cried the whole 2 minutes! 
She was not impressed :(

Seren on the other hand, rode the ride twice. 
When asked later if she wanted to go back on the ride, her answer was, 'NO."

The train ride was a delight, it not only took you around the fairground, but through a little farm area.
The girls loved this the most.
The saw zebras, cows, ducks, lama's, geese and horses.

Seren would only settle for the LARGEST popcorn!
It lasted the rest of the day, and then she used the bucket as a hat!

A good day!

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