Monday, July 28, 2014

How Much Back Story, Should I Include?

I've been busy the past few weeks, not with making crafts or baking but with writing.
I recently finished the Mastering Dialogue Course via
Which, may I add is a wonderful place for budding and even accomplished writers.

I still have a way to go with my novel, however, of late, I have wondered about, backstory and how much and where should I use it my story. Which led me to some wonderful articles on the matter. After reading the articles, they validated what my gut and head said. Less is more and scatter your backstory in small increments within the dialogue, presumably earlier than later in your book. 
Nobody wants major backstory in that last 50-100 pages of your novel. That is where the reader, is wanting all those linger thoughts and presumptions on whether the protagonist falls in love or they die or you end up buying the second in the trilogy to find out what happens.

With that in mind, I am going to crack on with my writing. However, before I dash off, I'd like to share what these Authors had to say on that subject of, backstory.
All of which are enlightening and hopefully will help you with your writing.

The first is by Beth Hill, both writer and editor

The second is by Rachel Morgan, she is a published Author on Amazon

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  1. I agree with slowly revealing the backstory over time vs trying to dump it in one shot (and possibly boring your reader)


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