Friday, October 24, 2014

Jack O String Lanterns

Seren has recently watched Tim Burton's A nightmare before Christmas
And she likes the weirdness of the characters, especially Jack.

So, I found this String Jack O Lantern online from Disney.
Click HERE to get the pattern
And we had a go making our own.

We wrapped balloons which have been soaked in Mod Podge and simply wrapped
It around the blown up balloon. Let it  completely dry, then pop the balloon.

Cut some eyes, nose and mouth from felt and glue on using Mod Podge.

Ours may not look like the one on Disney's but Seren thinks they are great and she bursts into the song.

This is Halloween.

My Halloween Book Club Theme. 
Which I hosted last night

In in this spirit of Halloween, 
This is Halloween!

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