Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The joys of getting older!

So nearly one year ago, I fell on what I thought then was my tailbone...Ouch! Well it took nearly 8wks to be somewhat functional again. That was until last Tuesday, when feeling spritely, as we do, even though I'm turning 43 this yr ! Ugh lol

So as I was saying, last Tuesday I decided to move the running machine (on loan from my sis-in-law) ...Anyways did that with no issues..then carried on, as you do, with a 3 & 1yr old girls as yr shadows..after the rest day running errands and filling in picture holes in walls, carting kids in out of car seats...behold ...pain in my lower back!!!

Skip forward to today...so much pain and I walking or should I say shuffling around the house as if I was 90yrs old!!! So I went to visit a chiropractor. . Dr Theon Hall in South Jordan.... Lo and behold he worked his magic.

So in the diagram of the human skeleton below, if you look at the spine where it ends by your hips/pelvis area.. There are a joint and ligaments...well as it turns out when I fell last year.. It was not my tailbone, I fell on that part of the lower hip bone where the spine meets it.. Dr. Hall said it may never heal..and that is the worst place to fall on, even more so than the tailbone...Hec I know!! The pain I felt was tremendous! I literally saw stars and couldn't breathe or oven for 30mins...Anyways back to present day...I was warmed up on a chair-bed which massaged my upper back and I had electric pulsating pads on my back where it hurt..twenty mins of relaxation..then came my adjustment!!!

I NEVER KNEW my body could crack like that..I sounded like rice krispies when you add the milk...
SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP!!!  And my left hip was out of place by 1/2 inch!! No wonder I couldn't walk properly.

I now have to wear a super tight wrap, to hold my hips tight to heal the stretched ligaments..from my feeling like superwoman and from having 7 children... Hey you never know, I may lose an inch or two from this wrap lol or even better .... Heal my bones and ligaments.

So I have one more follow up appointment, at the chiropractors and from then on I have to still take things easy...there goes me trying out for miss world weight lifting competition .. Lol lol lol

At least now I am functional again and that is wonderful especially with my two Lil ones needing me. So I will update on how I'm doing...so to all who read my blog... Look after yourself, bend your knees to lift and don't try to be the superwoman / man to move anything too heavy...have help. From now on I know I will :-)

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