Sunday, June 2, 2013

Update !

So an update about my lower back. Still have to have two more adjustments, this coming week- crack, crack lol..... I have been wearing that super tight wrap, all the time...well almost all the time :) Sleeping in it can be annoying and also when my legs start to go pins'n'needles..or numb-ish lol ....When doing some heavy stuff, I do I wear the wrap, especially yesterday, when I moved and packed boxes. It does really help, at least now I can accomplish the daily mundane tasks.

When I am all done with my chiropractic adjustments, then I have to keep doing glut exercises and have intermittent adjustments, which I will have to do when we move to Madison, Wisconsin in August. That post will come!! Ugh Ugh lol

Till next posting....

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