Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fathers Day


I'm a little late in posting for Fathers Day ! Oops.

But I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings about fathers. I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Mothers Day and said I would share a treasured memory about my dad. So here it goes.

I was always a 'Daddy's Girl' :) And from what my memory recalls is how my dad would always carry me to bed. I have such fond memories of dad and how tanned he always seemed to be :) Dad would tease me and my sisters by saying...oh I come from a line of Arabs!! That's why I have dark skin....lol. I loved my dad, still do and how he still took charge, even when he wasn't able to carry me to bed after his brain hemorrhage at the young age of 41, but when my dad finally came home after nearly 2 1/2 yrs maybe more..fuzzy brain on that detail. By then I was 13 nearly 14 wen dad came home. I was just 11 yrs old when dad had his brain hemorrhage. 

My dad slept with my mam on a pull down bed in our living room, until the lift got installed. Anyway before my dad had his brain hemorrhage we started to watch.. MIAMI VICE!!  The cool 80's show starring Don Johnson. So when my dad was back home, we were watching the latest episode of Miami Vice. Now my dad due to the brain damage, had been left paralyzed on his right side, and his speech was slurred and not coherent. Also it was completely back to baby learning and feeding for him...So my sisters and I all had to chip in and help around the house and with our new little baby sister Kaye. Who by the way came as a surprise. My mam found out she was pregnant, while dad was still in ICU!!!

Back to the story....We were watching Miami Vice and it was getting late..I had school the next day. I began to doze off...kinda like those nodding dogs you see in a back of a car...nod nod nod!!!!!!!!!

My mam called, "Helen." Until she got my attention.
"What mam."
"Your dad wants you, Helen."
"Yes, dad." I looked at dad and he grinned as much as his facial muscles allowed and with his left hand made the gestures of thumbs up at me, and kept pointing at the living room door.

I knew it meant...'GO TO BED!' 
But I wanted to watch Miami Vice.... Sexy, cool Crockett, and not so sexy Tubbs lol...but dad knew me well. I was tired, I needed to sleep.

So I headed off to bed, after giving dad and mam a kiss Goodnight.

My dad even though he didn't have his speech back, he still was my dad, by showing.

Showing can work just as well as telling.. Sometime even better, as our actions can have great effects.

I love my dad and I miss the dad I remember, the one who carried me to bed every night. But he is still there in spirit, just not a fully able bodied dad. I love him still.


Now, I also want to thank my Hubby- Jason for being a great DAD to our darling girls, Seren & Carys. They both adore their daddy and he loves to spend time with them.. Even taking them on a soda run from time to time lol.... 

I love Jason, and am proud of how much he has done for us, from a working non stop, to studying to better himself, too soon we will be moving to Madison, Wisconsin for his to get his Masters.. And of course going on dates with me :) :) and yes even washing dishes and changing smelly stinky diapers lol lol....

Thank you for all you are and do for me your. I love you Jason.

I love you Daddy.

Thank you for all you are and do for me your daughter, I love you Daddy.


  1. I love you too Helen. Thanks for posting this. It was indeed a happy father's day for me.


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